Fall '09 League Standings & Stats

Week 7: Sears School Wins League Championship

The Sears team gave an incredible team effort to beat the undefeated Faith Hope team in the Championship game. It was a close game throughout, but rebounding and solid defense allowed Sears to come away with a  24-16 victory. Sears was lead by Peter Radler, Connor Rooney and Will Ellerman 8,6,4 points respectively. Faith Hope was led by Andrew Buck with 7 and Danny Baker with 4.

In the 3rd place game, Sacred Heart continued their winning ways with a victory over Winnekta. Spencer Boehm hit a league record 3 3-pointers one of which cut the lead to 4, but in the end Sacred Heart's balanced attack helped them come away with a 19-15 win. Timmy Crawford had 8 for Sacred Heart and Ward Madigan scored 5. Spencer Boehm scored a game high 10 points in the loss.

Finally, SFX 1 was fired up to play their classmates SFX 2, who won their first contest, in the consolation game. Hugh Kelly had an incredible game with 14 points and 12 rebounds in the 16-11 win. 1st grader Brody Grasher scored 5 points for SFX 2 including going 3-4 from the line.


Danny Baker - A defensive specialist while also being among the league leaders in scoring, Danny's tenacity and athleticism are second to none. 

Spencer Boehm - The "big man" of the league also happens to be the most dangerous outside threat leading the league in 3 pointers made. Spencer was also one of the league leaders in rebounding.

Andrew Buck - Always cool under pressure, Andrew is a very effective scorer and one of the league's most complete players. 

Timmy Crawford - With a knack for putting the ball in the basket and a consistently positive attitude, Timmy is a great teammate and leader on the floor.  

Jack Crawshaw -  A consistent scorer and rebounder, Jack used his height and athleticism to get the job done on both ends of the court. 

William Ellerman - Will's consistent play, court sense and terrific attitude earned him an All-star selection. He was a standout player on a very strong team. 

Hugh Kelly - A great athlete and competitor Hugh was not only the leader on his  team, but one of the league leaders in steals, rebounds and points. 

Ward Madigan - A defensive stopper, Ward is always looking to push the tempo. He was among the league leaders in steals and a good finisher around the hoop.

Matty Mangan - The only 2nd grade player to make the All-star team, Matty never shies away from the older competition and can always find a way to put points on the board... with a smile.

Peter Radler - Peter's passion for the game is evident every time he steps on the court. He always gives a great effort and was also one of the most consistent scorers in the league.

Connor Rooney - Equally at ease shooting a 15 footer or a reverse layup, Connor's skill and poise on the court never goes unnoticed. He is the most well rounded player in the league and a great team player as well!

Honorable mention: Henry Probst, Charlie McCormick, Brian Kotin, Christo Kelly