RMG Advanced Training and Skill Development

RMG turns athletes into players. We have researched and designed a workout regimen that allows the athlete to maximize his/her potential, whether in group or private lesson setting. Our workout plan is a multifaceted one, that incorporates, speed and agility, skill work, conditioning, confidence, and a great atmosphere into one package.

We incorporate many of the drills from our college playing experience and tailor specifically for each age group. Throughout the course of a multi-week training session we will get a feel for each player and their overall game. By the end of the session players should not only be prepared physically, but also have a mental edge, inner confidence and take pride in the fact that they are fully prepped.

Focused Training allows players to rapidly advance their skill set and maintain a consistent training schedule throughout the year. The workouts cover a wide array of offensive skills including ball handling, shooting, attacking the basket, finishing and reading defense. Each workout is 90 minutes with 60 minutes of skill development and 30 minutes of competitive game play.

RMG "Gun Club" is semi-private based training 6 or fewer players, but focuses largely on developing a player's jumpshot. We utilize "The Gun" which is a shooting system used at every major college in the country. RMG's shot training method is second to none!