2015 AAU Travel Teams

RMG Fall 2015 Travel

$20 Tryout /725 Season/ 435 Members

Tryouts begin October 16th. Each age group has 2 tryouts. You are only required to attend one tryout, but may attend both. PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH TRYOUT YOU PLAN TO ATTEND.

We will field multiple Boys teams from 3rd - 8th grade. RMG will email season schedule at tryouts.

Tryout fee $20. Tryout fee will go toward season fees if placed on a team. Players must pre-register for tryouts. Your card will not be charged until after teams are selected.

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RMG Fall 2015 Travel Team Tryouts now posted under "Fall Travel Teams 2015"

If your son is serious about understanding the game of basketball under the best coaching around, reaching his full potential and playing with the best players in the North Shore and against the toughest competition in the state, he needs to play with RMG. 

There is no program that can boast a coaching staff even close to that of RMG. Not only does the staff consist of former D1 college players, but currently 2 of our coaches are Varsity head coaches and as many of you know Rashid Smith was named ISL Coach of the Year in Illinois last season. 

Our primary objective is to teach the game and teach it comprehensively. While we love to win games and tournaments, we want our kids to be clearly ahead of the curve when they reach H.S. both in skill level and basketball IQ.

We often field multiple teams at different age levels. When we evaluate and assign players, we put them in a position where we feel they will improve the most. There are many players that may not be ready for a travel team and there are many programs that will place these players on a roster regardless to fill spots. This usually leads to a bad experience for everyone. Every player develops at his/her own pace and at different times. Just because we decide RMG travel isn't the best option for a player doesn't mean it's time to give up or head somewhere else. We have programs for all ages and all levels that run year round and are equally as important to player development as travel.

There are two components to becoming a solid player. 1. You need to get quality coaching 2. You need to play and practice A LOT.  No young player has ever improved by sitting on the bench or simply watching basketball, even if he/she is on the best team around. 

While RMG teams are performance based not participation based, we will not place a kid on a roster unless we feel confident he will be able to play substantial minutes in a game. While playing time isn't equal, we want kids to be on the court!

If you have any questions about RMG Travel please don't hesitate to e-mail us. 

Hope to see you all at tryouts. This should be a great season of basketball!!