2018 Summer Focused Training

Focused Training

$250 per 6 20% discount for 20+ workouts

Intensive Customized Small Group Skill workouts Monday thru Thursday now year round. Times posted below for Summer and Fall 2018.

Register with a group or individually. Use your workouts whenever you want and renew anytime.

Players may register for 6 workouts or as many as they like. Any player registering for 20 workouts or more will receive a 20% discount. Workouts will expire every 6 months.

Please specify total number of sessions in comments section.

Players will earn a 1 workout credit for each new player referred to our program.

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2018 Summer and beyond Focused Training Schedule and Registration

                                                                                                                                                          This summer RMG will kick off the new ongoing Focused Training for all players 6th Grade - H.S.
If you are serious about improving your game with the best coaches and training equipment. You are in the right place! Here is how it works.

Tuesdays-Thursdays starting June 19 we will hold our Focused Training workouts between 1230-530pm @ Hyde Park Day School in Northfield. The days and times will be set for each age group. If players are on the older or younger side of a designated group we may offer to move them up or down depending on skill level so each player gets the most competitive and beneficial workout possible. Workouts will consistent of 1hr of skill development and 30minutes of Competitive Game Play.

The registration and price structure will be the same as our current "Gun Club" program with players registering for 6 workouts at a time except each session is 90 minutes vs 60 minutes. For players that plan to keep a consistent training schedule would like to register for 20 or more workouts a 20% discount will be applied. Players may register individually or with a group of teammates or friends.

Since Focused Training will continue indefinitely and schedules will remain consistent with the exception of summer times vs fall/winter/spring times, players can use their workouts at any time and won't be restricted to one season or a set time period. All workouts will expire in a 6 month period. Any blackout days or weeks during the year will be given to players as far in advance as possible.

Please contact us with questions.

Summer 2018 Schedule: June 19 - Aug 19th (No workout 6/20, 7/5 and 7/18)

1-2:30pm High School | 2:30-4pm 6-8th | 4-5pm "Gun Club" "

Wednesdays: 1-2:30pm 6th/8th | 2:30-4pm High School

Thursdays: 1-2:30pm High School | 2:30-4pm 6-8th | 4-5pm Gun Club

Fall 2018 Schedule: Setpember 4th - October 15th

Mondays: 4-530pm 4th/5th | 530-7pm 6th/7th | 7-830pm 8th/9th

Tuesdays: 4-5pm "Gun Club" 5-6pm "Gun Club" | 6-730pm 7th/8th | 730-9pm H.S.

Wednesday: 4-5pm "Gun Club" 5-6pm "Gun Club" | 6-7:30pm 6th-8th

Thursdays: 4-530pm 4th/5th | 530-7pm 6th-8th

Saturdays: 11-12:30pm 6th-8th | 12:30-2pm H.S.

Unused summer workouts can be carried over to the fall.