2015 Fall Pre-Season Workouts

Pre-Season Workouts

$(6-275) (10-425) (unlimited -675)

Multiple workouts available each week. Players may substitute days for make-ups, but each workout has limited space. Register for 6, 10 or unlimited.

Please specify how many workouts when registering along with which days attending.

Membership discounts of 40% apply to this program

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Fall workouts is where it all began for RMG. Players that train with us in pre-season make teams. It is that simple. From 3rd grade travel and school teams to H.S. Varsity, we know exactly what it takes to be ready for season and what coaches are looking for in players at every level.


This season will we hold 6 weeks of pre-season workouts led by RMG's unparalled staff of former D1 athletes and coaches. In addition to individual conditioning, speed and agility and overall skill development, we will also dedicate a portion of each workout to competitive game play to incorporate our drills and exercises in game scenarios. 

If you are serious about improving your game, preparing for the season and excelling at basketball you are in the right place! 

Each session is 90 minutes and players register for package of 6, 10, or unlimited (up to 18 workouts). 2 or 3 sessions are available each week and players may attend both days or substitute days for make-ups. Space is limited and we will cut off registration if a group reaches capacity. We can however, add additional workouts with adequate lead time so please register in early.

Pre-Season Competitive Edge Workouts Boys 6 weeks

  • 2nd/3rd - (See Small Ball Page of Site for) Sunday PREP
  • 4th - Mon (8/31-10/12) 4:30-6pm  Thurs (9/3-10/8) 6-7:30pm Sat (9/5-10/10) 10-11:30am
  • 5th - Mon (8/31-10/12) 4:30-6pm  Thurs (9/3-10/8) 6-7:30pm Sat (9/5-10/10) 10-11:30am
  • 6th - Mon (8/31-10/12) 6-7:30pm  Thurs (9/3-10/8) 7:30-9pm Sat (9/5-10/10) 11:30-1pm
  • 7th - Mon (8/31-10/12) 6-7:30pm  Thurs (9/3-10/8) 4:30-6pm Sat (9/5-10/10) 11:30-1pm
  • 8th - Mon (8/31-10/12) 7:30-9pm  Thurs (9/3-10/8) 4:30-6pm Sat (9/5-10/10) 11:30-1pm 
  • H.S.- Wed (9/10-10/16) 8-9:30pm  Sat 9/5-10/10) 1-2:30pm @ Hyde Park                           (HS Tryout Prep will run 2 weeks before tryouts begin and is a separate program)

Pre-Season Gun Club/Focused Training

RMG "Gun Club" Focused Training is a great addition to pre-season workouts, giving players a chance to focus on highly individualized needs in a small group setting.

Learn more about RMG Gun Club and register HERE

  • Tuesdays (9/9-10/12) 1hr slots 4-8pm
  • Wednesdays (9/2 - 10/7) 1hr slots 4-8pm

Venue: Hyde Park Day School (Northfield)

Please e-mail us with any questions.

See you there!