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The complete RMG fall workout schedule is online!
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Back-to-School Camp
Pre-Season Workouts (10U-17U)
RMG Small Ball Prep & League (8U and 9U)
H.S. Tryout Prep (15U-17U)
Gun Club/Focused Training with Marqus Ledoux

Fall/Winter AAU team tryouts will be posted September 1st.

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Upcoming RMG Programs

Back-to-School Camp: August 18th - 21st

Fall Pre-Season Workouts 9U - 17U

Small Ball Prep & League (for 2nd/3rd graders)

H.S. Tryout Prep: Oct. 24th, 26th, 30th, and Nov. 1st

RMG Gun Club/Focused Training with Marqus Ledoux


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